Smart House a revolutionary solution

Smart House provides a revolutionary solution for smart homes based on a decentralized ecosystem that integrates IoT devices into a single secure network via blockchain and allows faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions.

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IoT & the Smart House project

The Smart House platform provides decentralized management of smart home devices using artificial intelligence. Blockchain allows you to track all actions with real smart home devices, licensing, deliveries and much more. For example, in the event of a breakdown, the device can communicate directly with the nearest service point in order to eliminate defects quickly and cost-effectively. These are the advantages of decentralized interaction of elements in the network of blockchain systems. Any attempts to fraud with data, licenses and device quality will be fixed in the blockchain.

The possibilities for the development of IoT technologies are unlimited. Imagine that you left the keys to the house or an important document at home.

A smart house with the help of artificial intelligence will read information from sensors and give recommendations independently.

The IoT industry

For smart houses, blockchain provides the following advantages:

  • Creation of an intelligent distributed environment based on trusted interaction and excluding the violation of the confidential data integrity.
  • Fast and cheap transactions.
  • A decentralized environment simplifies the scaling of IoT systems due to the high network bandwidth.
  • Providing maximum automation, which allows you to configure devices in a smart house without the intervention of the user, taking into account the preferences of the owner, as well as providing feedback to the service companies.

The Smart House team carefully studied the problems of the IoT industry and developed a solution that makes smart homes safer, more efficient and more economical.

Smart House coin

Technical info

Coin name: Smart House
Coin Ticker: XLP
Block Time: 60 seconds
Maturity: 111 blocks
Total Supply: 600 000 000
Staking age: 3 hours
MN Rewards:70%
POS Rewards:30%
Required coins for MN: 5000
Premine: 250000


1 - 7000 1
after 7000 30

Exchange platforms


  1. Q3 2018
  2. Q4 2018
  3. Q1 2019
  4. 2-4 2019
Q3 2018
  • Blockchain launch
  • Coin pre-sale
  • Listing on exchanges
Q4 2018
  • Marketing campaign launch Connecting third-party developers and companies servicing smart homes
  • Smart home management mobile application beta release
  • Release of a full-fledged application for iOS and Android devices
Q1 2019
  • Strategic partnership with major IoT device suppliers and service providers
  • Platform and mobile application update
2-4 2019
  • 50,000 active users of IoT devices
  • More than 50 major strategic partners